Providing all popular CMS's

Every client will have access to our Point & Click Site Builder, Access to 600 + Website Templates, Instant Blogs, WordPress, Instant Forums, HelpDesks, GuestBooks, Portals, Counters, Forums, Mail and more!

Support Is Important

Support is important to us aswell. We provide 24/7 Email support with a guarantee 24hour response to the email. At StaticFrost we understand that not all our customers are alike. We have some customers who understand all of the technical jargon of web hosting and have the capability of opening their control panel and doing everything themselves. We also have customers who are completely new to hosting a web site and having their own emails and we know that the experience can be intimidating and that some of our customers will need a fair amount of suppport and lots of questions. We work to cater to all those tech savvy customers, all the newcomer and everyone in between.
Script Installation

Having trouble with a script? Don't ignore the script! We can do all the installing and setting up work for you. Email what script you would like installed. Our most common requests are for IPB and VBulletin forum software. Installation cost starting at $15 per script (some scripts cost more and some are cheaper).

A Full Website

Staticfrost are able to setup a full website for you. If you have a clan that needs a website with it's own CMS, we can install supplies a great robust CMS with the ablity to list your clans currents line up and results. Demo of this can be found Demo Here.
Have a camera full of your latest families outting and want a simple way of sharing that with everyone? Why not upload them on a website for easy sharing see a demo of the simple website Here.