Hello and welcome to StaticFrost.com.

This company is all about providing a great service to everyone, be it simple hosting or buying PC gear we strive to make it easy, fast and the best we can.

What we are aiming to do is provide a service that is better than anyone else is overing, wanting to start by selling clan, guild and other gamers a simple hosting plan that offers a great free content management system. This service will provide with hassle and worry free websites. Simple as ordering the service and we set the site up for you, all you will need to do is come along and edits and add the details you wish.

We also want to provide a service to car and bike lovers that have done extensive mods and wanting their very own website to give a grand overview of the project with all the time and effort put into it would be a nice way to show it off to everyone. For this service we will provide a basic layout that you will be able to edit add pictures and all the information and list all the mods that you have done and specifications.

For these services please visit out services page. Click Here